Sound Challenge

A Summer Sunday in Huntington Beach Central Park

When you attend the Summer Series concerts in Central Park, do you hear the waltz? the march? the Broadway tune?

Several members of our audience have told us that they have trouble hearing the music and the announcements. We’re well aware that our 15+ year-old system cannot provide quality sound to all areas of the audience. We can fix that with a NEW sound system—IF we can raise $15,000. (see link below)

Audience members have suggested that we mount a “Sound Challenge” for our patrons. If 150 people or businesses each contribute $100, we can “plug in” the new sound system in time for Summer Series 2023.

Please help us meet the Sound Challenge! Your donation of $100 will be publicly recognized (with your permission) next summer. (If you can’t afford $100, whatever you can give–$75, $50, $25–will be much appreciated.)

For your $100 donation to our “Sound Challenge,” you will receive a $100 gift certificate from Discount Tire & Service Center good for automotive services* – a Win/Win for all.

*This offer does not include tires.

Click here to make a donation to
the Sound Challenge.

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