About HBCB

The Huntington Beach Concert Band has been performing for Southern California audiences for over forty years! Founded by John Mason in 1973, this non-profit volunteer community concert band today is conducted by Thomas Ridley and provides concerts to the greater Orange County area throughout the year.  The Band’s purpose is to provide a creative opportunity for all musicians age 18 or older to share musical talents and bring enjoyment to others through public performance.  We are formally organized as a California Non-Profit Corporation.

The band plays 12-15 concerts a year throughout Orange County.  This includes three concerts as part of the annual Sunday Summer Concert Series.  The band is proud to have organized and sponsored this series for many years, increasing the number of concerts  from a low of four in 2004 to eleven since 2006. Another highlight is playing a concert at Pacific Amphitheater and then joining the Pacific Symphony Orchestra on stage for the 1812 Overture.